Prof Xiaotie Deng

Professor Deng's main interest is in the interface of algorithms and game theory. A good example is in the Internet market design, where resource allocation and pricing is considered. As the Internet grow bigger and bigger, faster and faster, how do we make social and economic decisions on problems involved in large data and involved with a lot of people, which need to on-line and in real time.
Here strategic behaviors of participants are of especial interests to me, such as the competitive selection work with Xi and Becky, the komi-setting solution with Qi, the agent incentive ratio concept in market equilibrium with Ning, Jie, and Hongyang.

Ph.D. Students

Tao Xiao

My research interest lies in theoretical computer science, especially algorithmic mechanism design .

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Zhengyang Liu

I mainly work on computational complexity, especially about algorithmic game theory

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Xiang Yan

I am a PhD student from Department of Computer Science of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. My research interest has been mainly in algorithmic game theory. In particular, in following topics: game theory and mechanism design, Internet and computational economics, crowd sourcing.

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Kai Li

My research interests lie in machine learning methodology and game theory

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Haishan Ye

My research interests lie in machine learning theory

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Chenchen Li

I am a third year PhD. student.My research interests lie in machine learning methodology

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MS. Students

Juntao Wang

A diligent third year graduate who longs for more knowledge and hopes to dedicate himself to the cause of computer science. Achieved top scores in most major-related and mathematical subjects. Detailed and innovative work and publications on the intersection of game theory and other discipline have been developed during more than three years research. Awarded a lot of honors and scholarships of great value.


Min Zhang

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I am a third year master student advised by Prof Deng. My research interest lies in machine learning methdology and during my graduate peroid I mainly work on indoor WiFi fingerprinting with Crowdsourcing

Nan Hao

I'm a second year Master student. My research interest lies in blockchain, algorithmic game theory and machine learning .

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Hongji Cao

I am a second-year master student and my research interest lies in Machine Learning

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Tong Yin

I am a first-year master student.

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Visiting students

Rucha Kulkaini

Hi! I am Rucha, currently a visiting student at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU). I am fortunate to be working with Prof. Xiaotie Deng in the Computer Science department of SJTU. Among other problems from Game Theory and Computational Complexity Theory, we are working on resolving the Complexity of Octahedral Tucker. Before joining SJTU, I completed my MTech in Computer Science from IIT Bombay in July '16, under the guidance of Prof. Sundar Vishwanathan. In the near future after I complete my stay here at Shanghai, I plan to learn more about Algorithmic Game Theory and Computational Complexity theory by joining a doctoral program in Computer Science.

Undergraduate Students

Xiang Wang

I am a senior student advised by Prof. Deng. I have interests in algorithmic game theory, and mechanism design in particular.

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Keyu Zhu

I am a junior student majoring in mathematics and applied mathematics (Zhiyuan Honors Program). My research interest lies in algorithmic game theory.

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Yuanyuan Yang

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student major in Mathematics & Applied Mathematics (Mathematics-Finance Experimental Class). I'm very lucky to be advised by Prof. Deng. My research interest lies between Mechanism Design and Machine Learning.

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